The Goats

The Goats

Snow flake, Bigia, Nerina and the others: each one of them has got a name, because I watch them coming into the world and growing. I know their history and they are my second family. I spend almost my whole days with them, from dawn to sunset.

I chose to breed goats “Camosciata delle Alpi”, a race breed which produces high quality milk and at the same time is rustic and adapts itself to the pasture.

My goats live in a big barn and during summer they are put taken to pasture from morning to evening, so they can enjoy nature and fresh air.

The pasture is managed with rotations, thanks to a movable fence, so that goats can always have a great amount of fresh food. Our pastures are Bio certified.

Before I founded my farm a friend of mine gave me 3 goats because he had found out about my affection for these animals. Goats are very sociable and it is easy to grow fond of them.
Breeding is my favorite activity and our daily routine is very precise: wake up at 5.30 am, milking at 6.30 am, then goats are put to pasture while I clean the barn and make cheese. After pasture there is the evening milking, then, after a long day, we all go to sleep.

I work hard for the well-being of my animals: wide spaces, pasture, cleaned and bright barn and high quality food only. My goats only eat local hay and NO GMO certified cereal mixtures. Health is also very important: my animals are officially unscathed by diseases like brucellosis and CAEV (goat’s viral arthritis and encephalitis).